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“Jack thinks award shows diminish the integrity of our art,” Alex captioned the photo of his pal posing next to the Emmy with a huge smile on his face. Because the two are BEST FRIENDS and have been BEST FRIENDS FOR SO LONG. The first time the two were photographed together in all their bestie glory was back in 2012.Jack having no partner has risen several assumptions about his sexual orientation. However, the fact of his sexuality is still within himself. Jack has been termed asexual primarily as he factually has on no account revealed any form of interest in either men or women.But the adorable moment wasn’t just a circumstance of seating arrangements — Skarsgård brought longtime bestie Mc Brayer as his plus-one.Writer Jarett Wieselman pointed out on Twitter that the two are actually pals that go way back.In fact, this wasn’t the first time Mc Brayer was on hand to celebrate the 41-year-old star — he was also at the 2017 Emmy Awards, where Skarsgård shared a photo to Instagram of his pal posing with the award, as well as at the Golden Globes earlier this month.

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She began nurturing him for his role in her TV show as a supporting character for only the first two episodes. He is famous for his evergreen physical appearance.Though Jack Mc Brayer has spent almost two decades in the entertainment industry, he has been exceptionally successful in keeping his love life unreachable from the public's eyes. He has proved himself with his incredible talent and has been able to land in the hearts of many.Never been caught dating anyone, the hunk does not seem interested in getting married either. Being known for the outstanding performance in the American sitcom 30 Rock, he has really pulled himself among fans.Despite the curiosity that fans have shown in Jack's dating life, he has opted to keep it as silent as grave.Many are wondering whether or not he has a girlfriend.

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