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UK Living began broadcasting on 1 September 1993, as part of the Sky Multichannels network.

UK Living was originally owned by a three way partnership; former ITV London franchise holder Thames Television, Tele-Communications Inc.

As such, it had to remove the 'UK' branding to avoid being confused with the UKTV services; thus UK Living became Living.

BSky B announced on 25 October 2010, that Living would be rebranded as Sky Living in early 2011 and moving EPG positions on Sky from channel 112 to 107, between Sky One and Sky Atlantic, to improve their entertainment line-up.

In a 2004 branding relaunch, the way the name was displayed changed to LIVINGtv.

In a further change in 2007, the channel name reverted from LIVINGtv back to LIVING (still officially spelt all in capitals, though some media write the name in normal case).

Instead fellow Big Brother contestant Jade Goody became the channel's newest public face, with three different shows devoted to her life, Jade's Salon, Just Jade and Jade's PA, but in January 2007, she was dropped due to the racism row on Celebrity Big Brother.

In 2009, when Jade discovered that she had terminal cancer, the channel acquired the exclusive rights to film a documentary through her final days followed by the show producing two-hour-long tribute shows a week after her death followed by a further two tribute shows in 20.

This was initially represented on-screen by the addition of the letters 'TV' to the established logo.The most watched shows on the channel are The Blacklist, Elementary and The Enfield Haunting.The channel has also aired Yvette Fielding's Most Haunted and Most Haunted Live!The channel announced in February 2007 that Abigail Clancy, the runner up of Britain's Next Top Model (cycle 2), signed a deal with the channel to make a new reality show with Janice Dickinson as her mentor, on trying to crack into America.The channel announced in June 2010 that model Katie Price had signed a £5 million, 2-year contract to make and broadcast Series 3 and 4 of her fly-on-the-wall show, What Katie Did Next, after turning down a weaker offer from rival channel ITV2 to continue making further series of the show.

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