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It does something that we are unable to do any other way." Making the kind of album she wanted to make when the emotional stakes were so very high required that she not only create music but put on her producers jacket too.This meant that while in that studio she was also managing everything from what equipment to use, studio time, and keeping everything on point after a dozen or more takes of the same song, to deciding to change a cord, and maybe just maybe telling her dad that something needs to be changed -- yes she did it all.mostly consisting of a laptop or music producing device (courtesy of Christian) and/or with live vocals (which was provided by Hannah).The two played a few tracks from their EP Free_Ways, but also throwing in their new single "Spark" and a cover of Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)"...He is still her hero and in some ways the collaboration was a spiritual awakening, but it was also a revisiting of sorts since when she was 18 she randomly met Ka-Spel, who listen to her songs and told her to keep making her music at a time she needed to hear it.And as if all of that wasn't enough she headed back to the U. to make a record with her best friend Jason Webley once again writing songs from scratch, and nurturing a relationship through music.

If you’re near one of the five North American cities on her tour schedule, you really need to attend.The time was right for this album, for this collaboration, because she was ready, not just emotionally, but in terms of her musical evolution having honed her "hard" skills over the last decade of making music."Ten years ago I could not have done it -- I just didn't have the skill set." Palmer went from straight from finishing up the Dad album to recording with her teenage hero Legendary Pink Dots front man Edward Ka-Spel in the UK -- with the two sitting down and writing songs from scratch.We will link the artist's page to the account you are signed in with now.You will then be able to add events and information to the page through Ents24 Backstage.

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