Sappho dating

After being divorced for about 9 months, I decided I was ready to start dating again.

I knew I was not ready for a committed relationship, but I did think I wanted to start meeting people again…the first time in 25 years.

For example, one guy I met had pictures that weren’t too bad.

If you go back a few hundred years to the 16th and 17th centuries, great authors such as Shakespeare and Chaucer wrote of characters who were green with envy.

Today, the saying means that one is envious or covetous of someone or something.

If one is “bitten by the green-eyed monster,” it’s thought they are consumed with jealousy.

I had an email from one guy who said in his profile “I’m 65, look 55 and act 45” then went on to describe all the youthful things he does. He is not a deviant, and I really don’t appreciate such narrow minded thinking.” I said it nicely, but I was pissed.

I’m sure it’s at least partially true, but to me he looked 70. He quickly tried to back up and recover, but that was it for me.

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