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The ugly incident happened seven months prior and the local police have made no arrests.She rents the three titular billboards on a small county road that’s mostly patrolled by police.He fills the gray area in between the oppositional hatred, as a Sheriff should.He immediately goes to Mildred and explains that they have no DNA matches and no other evidence, there’s very little that they can do at the moment, but calling attention to the matter could help her case.Caleb Landy Jones as the advertiser who sells the billboards to Mildred and Peter Dinklage as a local man who seems to have an inexplicable crush on Mildred despite her always walking around dour, adding violence to the community, and nary even giving him a glance.But they’ll each be there at the right time to show Mildred and Dixon the errors of their ways.Of course, Mildred and Dixon have more clashes and they escalate into ridiculous violence, but Sheriff Willoughby has provided them with the keys that will allow them to work together to find justice for her daughter.Mc Donagh has other side characters whose presence is simply to quell the burning hate.

Mc Donagh includes a brutal flashback where Mildred spars with her daughter (Kathryn Newton) over not being able to take her car to a party, the fight ends with the daughter walking off saying “I hope I get raped on the way” and Mildred says back “I hope you get raped on the way, too.” It’s easy to be in awe of Mc Dormand’s gruff presence in , but to me, she’s a rotten character. I can’t applaud her monologues because the roots in them are in pure blanket statements of hatred for everyone in those chosen groups.The young black man putting up the signs recognizes Dixon from a previous incident and spits at his car.When we first meet Sheriff Willoughby (Woody Harrelson) at work, he defends Officer Dixon—a bumbling idiot who can’t even keep track of his badge—of his racist reputation by saying, “deep down he’s a good guy.” Sheriff Willoughby is actually a good guy.Mc Donagh uses many hateful words toward people of color, homosexuals, and the police; The Show Me State is here to show us all sides of hate in .It focuses primarily on two characters where hatred of the other side is the basis of their character. There are a few characters who represent the gray area in between, who offer olive branches that are only received once each of the characters have been humbled.

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