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Share your favorite non-photographic, artwork (preferably erotic). A and B cups need not apply here, this is for the heavy hitters. If you're looking for some good stuff, try Boris Vallejo, Luis Royo, or any other artist featured in Heavy Metal Magazine :) Feel them, pinch them, lick them, heck even slap them around a bit, but these utters must adhere to the laws of gravity and be hanging.Komasaufen ist ein moderner Ausdruck fuer das Trinken alkoholischer Getraenke mit der Absicht in kurzer Zeit betrunken zu werden durch den starken Genuss von Alkohol.Es ist ein Stil des Trinkens der in vielen Laendern auf der Welt beliebt ist und er ueberschneidet sich teilweise mit dem "sozialen Trinken" weil er oft in Gruppen praktiziert wird.

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Binge drinking is usually practised in a revelry where several people love to carouse together.

Tell me if there are any special requests (i.e., call her names or say something she likes during the video)The more hardcore and taboo the better.

"Komasaufen" is the German word for binge drinking.

Binge drinking is positive and should spread and be stimulated. We encourage every open debate about binge drinking including controversial topics, cultural background and health issues.3.

Binge drinking girls should never be the object of derogatory remarks, but rather be praised and encouraged to drink more.4.

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