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When the scientists would ring a bell, they would apply an electrical shock; the dogs could easily escape the shock by leaping over the partition to the other side. Even when the shocks had ceased, the ringing of the bell would cause them to brace themselves against the pain.

It’s a self-limiting belief; Much like the dogs from Seligman’s experiments, you’ve become so conditioned to believe in your own helplessness and impotence that you can’t begin to see how you could rescue yourself.The whole point of the game was to keep you engaged enough that pumping quarters into it for as long as humanly possible.As a result, games were designed to be utter bastards; after all, if it’s easy, you end up playing for hours on just one token and costing the arcade money.Now in fairness, much of this was the result of ignorance and sloppy design but the fact remained that the games on the NES were obscenely, before they give up for good and move on to something else.Now that I’ve thoroughly confused you as to what the hell I’m talking about, let me drag it back around to the topic.

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