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| Head Heart Hand How to Write Better Sermon Titles – Pro Preacher What will I preach on?| Head Heart Hand Investing In Sermon Titles | Head Heart Hand 10,000 Hours to a Great Sermon?Pure Church by Thabiti Anyabwile John Wesley’s 12 Rules For Preachers Praying During Sermon Preparation | Ordinary Pastor The Craft of Life-Changing Preaching – The Gospel Coalition Blog A Classical Analysis of Puritan Preaching – Reformation21 Preaching and Sermon Preparation – Reformed Forum Things I’ve Learned Along the Way… ” |Head Heart Hand 8 Lessons I Learned About Preaching From Painting My Kitchen | Head Heart Hand The secret to powerful preaching | Head Heart Hand What Is Preaching?| Head Heart Hand Dying To Preach | Head Heart Hand Six Keys To Excellence In Preaching | Head Heart Hand Tell Them One Thing | Head Heart Hand Great preachers are great listeners (and lovers) | Head Heart Hand God Blesses Beta Sermons | Head Heart Hand A preacher who dreads sermon preparation?As one pastor adroitly put it, “If you want to hear the voice of God, read the Bible out loud!” That’s solid advice, and yet, I still believe there can be more to hearing God speak than this.But they do serve to suggest there is more to knowing God, to walking with God, and to hearing God speak to us besides what we can know through sermons, bible reading (i.e., mere Bible “information”––facts and knowledge about God), commentaries, and books by noted Christian authors.

They have turned Christianity into a circus spectacle complete with freak shows and clowns and with hip pastors acting as barkers.

I believe the voice was the Spirit of God, because it not only spoke to me on various occasions of outward things that proved absolutely accurate and verified, but it also spoke to me of my sinful condition, my hypocrisy, and other such things that I didn’t want to accept as truth but that most certainly were.

Someone might argue that it’s the voice of conscience, but although conscience could speak of the latter (since I have knowledge of myself), could it speak of things outside myself that are unknowable by natural thought processes?

It has changed church into a consumer affair whose adherents consume products designed for me-centered living.

Experience for experience sake can only lead to disaster––to corruption, to trivialization and sentimentalism, to deceit and fraud, and to heresies that steal the hearts and minds of generations.

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