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I spent most of the day in knots and anxiety wondering what was happening and what didnt happen.

We had decided to build the day up by not talking until after she came home.

I rushed to ring the doorbell and when she answered I held my breath.

There stood Cindy wearing the exact outfit we discussed.

Then I brought up some of her friends and acquaintances in the hopes she might feel more willing with someone on her terms. Greer is a much older man at the hospital where she works and through the year he had made several minor yet obvious advances and flirtatious comments.

One by one we went through them all and nothing sparked an interest in her until I mentioned Dr. He would tell her how he would be working on the weekend just in case she was too and maybe they could do lunch or she could stop by and say hi. Greer was a highly respected and prominent head of his department at the hospital.

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I could hear the excitement in her voice as she conceded to that possibility.

For the first time, I now knew how you could smell someone else on someone and my eyes flared.

My excitement was killing me and I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her quickly into her parents bedroom (them having the large bed).

A few weeks passed and we kept talking about it more and more.

It got to the point where she would come home from work and call me, telling me how nervous she was around him when he would make his rounds and stop to talk with her.

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