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If you will continue to scroll down this page you will find answers to the following questions: What is Before the If you would like to pray for us I would request prayer that this web site will grow into what God has planned for it as quickly as possible with as little hassle as possible, and protection for our family. It is the ultimate saving of one's self for the man or woman with whom a lifetime will be spent. Keep on reading and we will do our best to answer these questions. God has laid a vision on our hearts on what this web site is supposed to be.

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From there I would move on to the book Her hand in Marriage.

I would recommend any and all of what is offered here.

With the amount of material we have to offer, it could be a little overwhelming for some.

Here you will find life lessons on how to prepare to meet your life-long mate. The CD by Jill Moore would be wonderful to have playing while you are reading the books.

We are a homeschooling family who believes that there is an alternative to dating. We have set up this site as a family-based ministry to help spread the word about courtship.

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    During the teenage years striking changes take place in the body as well as the brain.