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group -1 PRICAT_002 PRICAT inbound: Assignment of ILN mat. grp -1 PRICAT_003 PRICAT inbound: Assignment of SAP mat. group -1 PRICAT_C001 PRICAT: Indicator for Supply of Data to Catalog -1 PRICAT_C003I PRICAT: Items Per Screen Group at Inbound -1 PRICAT_C003O PRICAT: Items Per Screen Group at Outbound -1 PRICAT_C004 PRICAT: Screen Group -1 PRICAT_C004T PRICAT: Name of the Screen Groups -1 PRICAT_C006 PRICAT: View in Maintenance Screen for Outbound -1 PRICAT_CWEB PRICAT on the Internet: Customizing -1 PRICAT_FIELD PRICAT: Fields of the Price Catalog -1 PRICAT_PRO PRICAT outbound: Requirements profile (Customizing) -1 PRICAT_PRO_T PRICAT outbound: Requirements profile (Customizing) texts -1 PRICAT_UNITS PRICAT outbound: Transferable units of measure (Customizing) -1 PRISBCPARA PRICAT: SBC Parameters for PRICAT Customers -1 PRV_LOG_CP Table Loggin: Code Pages and Migration Time -1 PSOLL Shift Planning: Target Plan -1 PTBLPTPCLCOUNTRY TMW Business Logic Processor: Impelementation Type Classes -1 PTEXTLOG Text log parameters (customizing) -1 QDBM Valuation mode -1 QDBMT Valuation Mode: Texts -1 QDDR Dynamic modification rule (header) -1 QDDRT Dynamic modification rule: texts -1 QDEB Allwd. Rules -1 QDEP Allowed inspection severities -1 QDEPT Allowed Inspection Severities: Texts -1 QDFB Function modules for the individual procedure categories -1 QDFBT Function Modules for Procedure: Texts -1 QDFM Function modules for valuation mode -1 QDFMT Function Modules for Valuation Mode: Texts -1 QDPA Sampling scheme-instructions -1 QDPK Sampling scheme header -1 QDPKT Sampling scheme: texts -1 QDPP Sampling scheme item -1 QDPS Inspection stages for a dynamic modification rule -1 QDSA Sampling type -1 QDSAT Sampling Type: Texts -1 QDSV Sampling procedure -1 QDSVT Sampling Procedure: Texts -1 QIMTH Evaluation methods QM STI interface -1 QIMTHT Texts for evaluation methods: QM STI interface -1 QISRPCRTYPE_SCEN Document Types with Scenario for Posting Correction Request -1 QISRPCR_TRANSACT Transactions for Adjustment Postings: Adj.Posting Request -1 QISRSCENARIO Basic Scenario Data -1 QISRSCENARIOTSK Scenario Tasks -1 QISRSCENARIOTSKT Scenario Tasks – Texts -1 QISRSCENARIOXMPO Scenario of Extensions to Basic Data -1 QISR_PRICELIST Preisliste für ISR Szenarien -1 QISTP Evaluation steps -1 QISTPT Texts for evaluation steps -1 QISUB Subsytems for recording measured value data in QM -1 QISUBT Text table subsystems for recording measured val.

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Assgmt -1 BP001 Treasury Attributes Organization -1 BPOBREL_LO Assignment of Business Partners – Loan-Specific Attributes -1 BPTRGP_ABGL BP: Match Existing and Migrated Partners -1 BTXEGRP BSI: Employee Group -1 BTXRATE BSI: Tax Rates per Company Based on Degree of Experience -1 BUSTYPE Type of Business -1 BWCVSYSTAT Customizing: BW Status Mapping / OLTP System Status -1 BWCVUSSTAT Customizing: BW Status Mapping / OLTP User Status -1 BWOM_RHIER BCT-CO: Report Row Hierarchies -1 BWOM_RHIERT BCT-CO: Texts for Report Row Hierarchies -1 BWOM_RHIER_LINE BCT-CO: Rows for Report Row Hierarchies -1 BWOM_RHIER_LINET BCT-CO: Row Texts for Report Row Hierarchies -1 BWOM_SETTINGS BW CO-OM: Control Data -1 C000 Condition Table for Acct.– Bank Data -1 ALM_ME_D997 User-specific settings -1 ALM_ME_D999 Scenario Assignment for User -1 ANAT Asset type text -1 ANGT Asset catalog text table -1 ANKA Asset classes: general data -1 ANKAZ Asset class: extension for technical fields -1 ANKB Asset class: depreciation area -1 ANKL Generation table for generating asset classes from accounts -1 ANKLAY Asset class: Assignment of tab layouts -1 ANKLAYP Asset class: Assignment of tab layouts -1 ANKP Asset classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart of Depreciation -1 ANKV Asset classes: insurance types -1 ANLBZW Asset-specific base values -1 ANLT Asset Texts -1 AOBJVERS ID (Worklist) for Object Type and Object Use -1 APTREE Application Hierarchy -1 AQPROTCUST Query Logging Control -1 ARCH_DEF Definition of archive object -1 ARCH_DELE Objects with tables from which entries are deleted -1 ARCH_GENER Definition of Events for Archiving Generation Program -1 ARCH_NET Table with archiving objects for network display -1 ARCH_OBJ Objects for archiving and reorganization -1 ARCH_OCLAS Assign classes to archive object -1 ARCH_PARAM Cross-Object Customizing Data Archiving -1 ARCH_REPOW Archive file reporting and read program -1 ARCH_RPRG Archiving objects with associated read programs -1 ARCH_TCODE Application customizing transactions -1 ARCH_TXT Description of archive objects -1 ARCH_USR Customizing Table for Archiving -1 ARCU_COIT1 Residence Times for CO Line Items -1 AT01 Transaction Category -1 AT01T Name of Transaction Category -1 AT02 Transaction Activity Category -1 AT02A Transaction Code for Menu TIMN -1 AT02T Transaction Activity Category: Description -1 AT05 Processing Categories -1 AT05T Name: Processing Category -1 AT06 Allocation of Processing Categories to Activity Categories -1 AT07 Category of Flows and Conditions -1 AT07T Name of category for flows and conditions -1 AT08 Allocation: Application to Category of Flows and Conditions -1 AT10 Transaction type -1 AT100 Treasury Additions to User Master -1 AT10B Treasury: Customizing for Valuation -1 AT10T Name of Transaction Type -1 AT10X Forex Attributes for Transaction Types -1 AT11 Allocation of Condition Types to Transaction Types -1 AT13 Allocation of Flow Types to Transaction Types -1 AT13U Flow types for transfer posting for activity transition -1 AT15 Treasury: Foreign exchange swap rates -1 AT16 Treasury: Fixing Settings for Forex Transactions -1 AT18 Treasury: Valid Formulas -1 AT19 Supplements to Flow Types -1 AT20 Supplements to Condition Types -1 AT21 Generate derived flows -1 AT22 Procedure to Generate Derived Flows -1 AT22T Procedure to Generate Derived Flows: Name -1 AT56R Supplements to Analysis System for Table T056R -1 AT60 Definition of Treasury Functions for Activity Processing -1 AT60T Description of Treasury Functions for Activity Editing -1 AT80 Treasury: Correspondence Control MM, FX, DE, SE -1 AT81 Correspondence type -1 AT81T Name of correspondence type -1 AT85 CMF – Generating pmnt advices (prod./trans.type) -1 AT90 Type of manual reversal of posted flows -1 AT90T Name of manual reversal type for posted flows -1 ATARCHIVE00 Archiving: Minimum retention period per company code -1 ATARCHIVE01 Archiving: Minimum retention period of transaction in system -1 ATCVO Exchange Rate Volatilities -1 ATIVO Reference interest rate volatilities -1 ATKO1 Correlation Type -1 ATKO1T Text Table Correlation Type -1 ATLA Limit type -1 ATLAM Allocation of limit characteristics to limit type -1 ATLAT Name of limit type -1 ATLPG Limit product group -1 ATLPGT Name of limit product group -1 ATMA Type of Master Agreement -1 ATMAT Type of Master Agreement: Name -1 ATOR Table of Limit Types -1 ATORT Text Table for Limit Types -1 ATPA Treasury: Product Type Supplements -1 ATPRA Treasury: Clearing Account for Payment Requests -1 ATRELE1 Transaction release: Release procedure -1 ATRELE2 Transaction release: Release procedure for detail parameters -1 ATSYC Default Settings for Risk Evaluations -1 ATVMO Calculation Methods Risk Management -1 ATVO1 Volatility Types 1 -1 ATVO2 Descriptions of Volatility Types -1 ATVO3 Statistics Type for Parameterizing Estimation Functions -1 ATVO3T Text Table Statistics Type -1 ATVOK Rate types for OTC NPVs -1 ATVOKT Text tables for rate/NPV types for OTC transactions -1 ATVST Names of scenario types -1 ATVSZ Scenario types -1 ATWVO Security price volatilities -1 ATXVO Securities index volatilities -1 ATZVO Reference Int. -1 AUCTIONBIDDER list of all items bid -1 AUCTIONBIDDERDET Details about auction bidders -1 AUCTIONCATEGORY List of all Categories -1 AUCTIONCATEMAP contains category relationships.A category has 0,1,m parent -1 AUCTIONITEMS List if auction items -1 AUCTIONITEMSMAP stores relationship of an item to its parent categories.Verification -1 J_1BIV05 BUZID with special handling for NF -1 J_1BLB08 Registro de Apuração do IPI: List control additional accts -1 J_1BLB09 Registro de Apuração do ICMS: List control additional acct -1 J_1BMMKON0 MM: Value transfer from pricing to Nota Fiscal -1 J_1BMMNFA Relatn. texts (creation of NF header texts) -1 J_1BMMNFTT MM: Allowed automatic texts -1 J_1BMMNFTU MM: Allowed automatic text key description -1 J_1BMMNFX MM: Argument used in automatic creation of NF header texts -1 J_1BMMNFXT MM: Text used in automatic creation of NF header texts? – arg.field (creation of NF header texts) -1 J_1BSDNFAT Symbolic arg. -1 J_1BTREGC Tax regions for foreign countries -1 J_1BTREGX Tax region -1 J_1BTREGXT Tax region description -1 J_1BTXCI1 Tax calc.: Complement of ICMS rules -1 J_1BTXCOND Map Internal Tax Condition Codes to Condition Types -1 J_1BTXDEF Tax calc.: Default rates -1 J_1BTXGRUOP Dynamic Determination of Tax-Related Master Data -1 J_1BTXIC1 Tax calc.: ICMS general rules -1 J_1BTXIC2 Tax calc.: ICMS rules -1 J_1BTXIC3 Grouped ICMS -1 J_1BTXIP1 Tax calc.: IPI rules -1 J_1BTXIP2 Tax calc.: IPI rules (material dependent) -1 J_1BTXIP3 Grouped IPI -1 J_1BTXIS1 Tax calc.: ISS rules for sales -1 J_1BTXIS3 Grouped ISS -1 J_1BTXSDC SD tax codes -1 J_1BTXSDCT SD tax codes – description -1 J_1BTXST1 Tax calc.: Sub. Reading IS Dynamically: Field Line Data -1 MCWSVK Selection Variant f.-1 J_1BNFTXCOND Tax Condition Interface for Notas Fiscais -1 J_1BSDIC NF relevant Item Categories -1 J_1BSDICA Sales Document Item Category table -1 J_1BSDKON0 SD: Value transfer from pricing to Nota Fiscal -1 J_1BSDNFA Relatn. texts (creation of NF header texts) -1 J_1BSDNFX Argument used in automatic creation of NF header texts -1 J_1BSDNFXT Text used in automatic creation of NF header texts -1 J_1BSDTL1 Tax Law ICMS -1 J_1BSDTL2 Tax Law IPI -1 J_1BSTAST Reg. Reading IS Dynamically: Header Data -1 MDDMAP Mapping Table for External User for MRP Evaluations -1 MDDMAPT Mapping Table for External User/Vendor with Default Setting -1 MDIP Material: MRP Profiles (Field Contents) -1 MDLG Customizing: MRP Area Storage Location -1 MDLL Customizing: MRP Area Subcontractor -1 MDLV Customizing MRP Area -1 MDLW Customizing: MRP Area Plants -1 MDUCMV Market Data: Code Conversion for Index Type -1 MDUCR Mkt Data: Assign New Key for Curr.

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