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Presumably after that time there is going to be some kind of charging regime associated with it.I have a home DSL service (at another location) but it's not retailed by Telstra. I have a Telstra-retailed home phone (same line as the non-Telstra-retailed DSL service is on), and two prepaid SIM's (one in my tablet, one in my phone).The FAQ says Telstra Air disconnects after 20 mins inactivity or 12 hrs continuous connection so that may have to be taken into consideration as well.Surely this cafe can provide free wifi for it's customers.That is hardly something to be disdainful of or resent. I managed about 1TB of usage last month from the neighbors AIR hotspot through my works mobile phone that has an eligible plan using a USB cable to my desktop Cheapest unlimited internet plan ever....

Your Wi-Fi extender is connecting to the hotspot and your customers are connecting to the extender. I do have Telstra prepaid account with access to the hotspot Are you trying to allow customers without the Telstra Air app to connect to Telstra Air via your Telstra Air account or extend the range of the Telstra Air hotspot so customers can connect using the Telstra Air app on their phones?

Seems to be consumer level wifi gear rather than the enterprise level quality I was hoping for.

If you live next to phone booth, I'm guessing it won't be usable inside your house.

6.1 To become a Telstra Air member you need to be a consumer customer with an eligible Telstra home broadband service connected to a compatible Telstra Home Network Gateway. access without a Telstra home broadband service (and agreeing to share your gateway device as a Telstra Air network access point). You are the only one that wants to differentiate between member or guest access. I can't see any difference to what I would get from it.

Getting access at no charge to available Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspots in (only) Australia for your personal use is We know, but telstra hasn't announced what will happen with MOBILE customers after 30 June 2016 All we can do right now is speculate. I've already provided links to the relevant documents which detail what guest access and what member access entail, and I'm sure you can do your own analysis as to what the differences between them are. If not please explain, if you can, what limitations are placed on the connection that I am getting. Fon Wi-Fi hotspots overseas, if you're not a Telstra Air member.

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