Greek dating toronto

Ian and Toula cannot marry in the Greek Orthodox Church unless Ian coverts, and Toula is already worried the wedding will be a fiasco. He refuses, saying it's important to her family to marry in their religion, then he will be baptized Greek Orthodox.Ian's willingness to do this encourages Gus and Maria to gradually accept Ian into the family.He notices Toula, not recognizing that she is the same woman who tried to talk to him at Dancing Zorba's.Despite Toula's lingering shyness, they introduce themselves and begin dating.When Ian proposes to Toula, she happily accepts, but Gus is upset that Ian did not ask him for permission to date Toula, let alone marry her.

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Frumpy and cynical, she fears her life will never change.A sleeper hit, the film became the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time, and grossed 1.4 million in North America, despite never reaching number one at the box office during its release.It was the highest-grossing film to accomplish this feat for 14 years until the animated film Sing grossed 8 million in 2016.Other cousins trick Ian into saying inappropriate things in Greek.When Toula invites Ian's quiet, reserved parents to meet her parents at their home, she insists that it be a simple dinner with just the six of them.

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