Rough sex chat

So if it’s making your life a living hell it’s probably best to get a check-up to rule out any medical problems, such as diabetes, glandular fever, weakened immune system etc.

“Any condition that weakens your immune system can cause thrush,” says Lynn.

Those vaginal deodorants are bad too, as well as washing your vag out with perfumed soap.

General poor health – if you’re tired, stressed or anaemic.

Hormone changes – being on the pill or being pregnant.

Antibiotics – these kill the friendly bacteria that stop the yeast growing Damaged skin – Rough sex can bring thrush on.

“The vagina gets dried out during sex and the lining becomes damaged and therefore the candida can multiply and become an infection,” says Lynn. If you’re having prolonged sex you probably need to top up on lube,” advises Lynn.

Avoiding soap and detergents helps the skin to heal.

And if you aren’t absolutely sure it’s thrush, go see your doctor to make sure it isn’t an STI. You can try a longer course of pessaries and cream; always remember to finish the course.

These too could be drying – but that doesn’t mean you should ditch them, just add more lube. Pessaries can get a bit messy…in a ‘drippy’ way, so it’s best to insert one at night — but try and resist wearing a panty liner.

And if latex is the problem, switch to a non-latex product. “Panty liners – especially scented ones – dry out the vagina.

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