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I seem to remember that accidents during loading were attributed to fibres of tow remaining in the barrel and still glowing.Presumably if loose tow was used it emerged from the barrel as a flaming mess – I have occasionally used a paper tissue as a wad, and can verify that it burns and smokes on the ground afterwards. One reason why we are always careful to see where the wads land when shooting over dry grass in summer.

Please feel free to contact me via the comments box in each post or by my email as per the CONTACT tab at the top.I did get a leather bandolier from Pete and made an Irish shot dispenser that fitted, but the bandolier ( which is a Kranks pattern) is a bit too stiff to be comfortable, and in sorting out stuff I had picked up as part of a job lot at auction I came across a steel Hawksley English pattern dispenser, and found a plastic bottle of suitable size that the dispenser screwed into.The Steel dispenser more or less worked, but didn’t close the first shutter ( nearest the bag) fully so No 7 1/2 or smaller shot could still escape.If you right click & ‘save image’ from the normal web page you will get an image of (for the J LANG 14 bore for example) 94 KBytes, if you left click on the image and download from the larger image that comes up on a blank screen you’ll get about 573 KBytes, which is what I uploaded to the website – if I send you the original cropped image it is 8.257 MBytes with a horizontal count of 5885 pixels !___________________ DIARY _____________ _________ Feb 10th. I have a project to make another shot flask as a couple of mine have splits in them.

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