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“Well, to be honest, I thought I would be married with weekend access.” Hughes also possessed the uncanny ability to make light of his own physical frailties.

“I went to the hospital with my psoriasis,” he joked.

His novels, for instance, were not always well-received. “Just because there are a few stand-ups writing novels, reviewers think it’s like stand-ups are gate-crashing the party. ’ But we write lines – it’s inevitable that a lot of comedians will write novels because it’s a larger canvas.” Hughes was also an accomplished actor in dramas such as .

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He sends for a research assistant and a gas chromatograph because he's close to a cure for cancer. Well, it's rather like that: Now you have it and now you don't.A 2000 Pulitzer Prize finalist, he now focuses on sports projects for the Inquirer and Daily News and writes a Sunday column.BATHURST, New Brunswick — In this remote mining city pressed between pine forests and a bay, in a far corner of a province flanked by Quebec and Maine, in a nation bifurcated by culture and language, Sean Couturier absorbed a sense of balance.Hughes, who was born in Archway, north London, but brought up in Dublin, mined a particularly rich seam of comic self-effacement.He would joke that when you are sitting at home pretending all is right with the world, “you’re actually feeling that lonely that you check to see that the telephone’s working”.

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