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Although various suggestions were made as to the identity of “Scorpio”, it is clear that it was kept by Leadbeater as a threat which might be applied against a particular enemy.See: https://cwleadbeater.wordpress.com/2016/05/16/in-the-lives-in-the-lives/ A curious volume, Gems of thought from leading intellectual lights: education, soul elevating and spiritualizing; designed to illustrate certain grand truths which are connected with the spiritual philosophy Compiled by John R Francis, Chicago, IL : Progressive Thinker Publishing House, 1906, contains some interesting early versions of some of Leadbeater’s writings: “Dreams and their significance” 46-68 “Man and his bodies” 190-202 “Reincarnation” 215-228 “The law of cause and effect” 240-253 “Life after death: Purgatory” 254-267 “Life after death: The heaven world” 268-282 “Telepathy and mind cure” 294-309 “Invisible helpers” 329-343 “Clairvoyance: what it is” 344-356 Available in digital format on-line at: https://archive.org/details/gemsofthoughtfro00chic One of the interesting, and perhaps unexpected, results of modern New Testament scholarship, including the discovery of ancient documents, has been to essentially confirm traditional accounts of the origin and dating of the Gospels.It was then performed in Seattle, in 1911, with Jinarajadasa performing the role of one of the characters.It was performed at the 1920 convention of the Australian Section in Sydney, and “It was much appreciated by a very large audience.” It was performed again in 1948 at the Annual Convention of the Theosophical Society at Adyar. title=Weller_Van_Hook Work on reconstructing, with the aim of publishing, Leadbeater’s final remaining unpublished volume, “An Enquiry Into The Failure of Christianity”, has again been assisted by access to another typescript manuscript of the work held in a private collection.It surely strains credulity to accept that Wedgwood and his Theosophical colleagues actually held to the traditional Catholic doctrines specified in the declaration, while being devout Theosophists.The full text of the declaration was: In the name of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, Amen. having formally united with the Ancient (Catholic) Church of England, Ireland and Scotland, hereby declare that I know of no canonical impediment to my ordination, and that it is my firm purpose and intention, if ordained, to devote my life to the ministry of that Church; and I do hereby solemnly undertake and promise canonical obedience to all my ecclesiastical superiors, and that I will faithfully hold and teach without alteration the Faith of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic and Orthodox Church, in accordance with the Decrees of the Seven Holy Ecumenical Councils, and as laid down, in precise terms, in the Nicaeno-Constantinopolitan Creed of the Universal Church.They were all required to sign a declaration confessing a traditional Catholic faith.How the Old Catholic faith could be reconciled with Theosophy remains a mystery.

He may however have had a tinge of Aryan blood in him, which would be quite enough to cause the exclusive Jews to say that he was not legitimately of the seed of David, and that statement might very easily be taken to mean such an irregular birth as is suggested by the narrative.

The Liberal Catholic Church had its origins in the ordination of the eminent Theosophist, James Ingall Wedgwood (1883-1951), as a Priest.

Wedgwood had joined the Theosophical Society in 1904, having been obliged, as a consequence, to give up his Anglican theological studies.

Of the three hundred or so “Star names” that were employed, only about forty were ever published with the corresponding names for their present incarnation.

Arthur Nethercot, in his research for his biography of Mrs Besant discovered the identities of over 90.

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