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Over the years these images have been spread over the internet to become one of the most downloaded series of child pornography in the world.This fact absolutely breaks my heart and I’ll probably spend the rest of my life fighting the terrible problem of child pornography. When I was ten years old my father, Ken Freeman, started what would become a pattern of sexual abuse towards me on a trip to Beaverton, OR to visit my grandmother for Mother’s Day.The pattern of sexual abuse went on for a little over a year.In doing this he agreed that he should be sentenced to 50 years in a federal prison which would be followed by a three year term of court supervision. So many times people are afraid to speak of sexual abuse and families are unwilling to face the reality of what has happened.When this occurs, the victims never receive their justice and healing.

We also had the opportunity to meet all the wonderful people who had worked so hard on our case from agencies like NCMEC, ICE, and the U. In state court he also pleaded guilty to three counts of rape of child in the first degree.

Happened should remain between them, they should understand it, in a family, times no violence.

All this sensation and 50 years of prison basically the political decision, instead of adequate happens. In this case no any violence, she about it speaks in interview.

During that year, my parents and I appeared on the show America’s Most Wanted in an effort to track down my father.

When the show aired, members of ICE who had been trying to identify a girl in a child porn series recognized me as the girl.

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