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where he rapidly established a reputation and attracted many distinguished patients.

These connections, together with his personal charm, brought him considerable social success.

His family, on his father's side, were minor Italian aristocracy, and were awarded a low-ranking Italian peerage by the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1843.

'Jack' Profumo inherited this peerage, the title of Baron Profumo, upon his father's death on 27 March 1940.

His Conservative Party was marked by the scandal, which may have contributed to its defeat by the Labour Party in the 1964 general election.

When the Profumo–Keeler affair was first revealed, public interest was heightened by reports that Keeler may have been simultaneously involved with Captain Yevgeny Ivanov, a Soviet naval attaché, thereby creating a possible security risk.

Christine Keeler (1942–2017), born in 1942, left school at 15 with no qualifications and took a series of short-lived jobs in shops, offices and cafés.

In March 1963, Profumo's denial of any impropriety, in a personal statement to the House of Commons, was refuted a few weeks later with his admission of the truth.

In August 1959, she found work as a topless showgirl at Murray's Cabaret Club in Beak Street, Soho.

This long-established club attracted a distinguished clientele who, Keeler wrote, "could look but could not touch".

Galbraith was later exonerated by the Radcliffe inquiry, which sent two newspaper journalists to prison for refusing to reveal their sources for sensational and uncorroborated stories about Vassall's private life.

Brigadier John, 5th Baron Profumo (1915–2006), was born in 1915, of Italian descent.

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