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On the first night it was filled with bubbles and sprinkled with red rose petals." CNN declined to comment. With today's item Page Six may have exhausted all the ways to say "He's GAY GAY GAY!": the room only has one bed, Maisani's "muscular," and perhaps most blatantly, he owns Eastern Bloc.If he won't say it, we will: Anderson Cooper is officially out.

Cooper's see-through closet is such a joke that it doesn't make sense to call him in the closet anymore.Every time he tried to cover something having to do with gay civil rights (or Madonna or Fire Island) plenty of people would claim that his reporting was biased because of his sexual orientation. That's right, Anderson, it's going to take you to change it.It's not fair: Katie Couric doesn't have to worry when she covers pay inequality for women, and neither does Harry Smith when discussing new medicine that will eradicate baldness. Rachel Maddow has paved the way, but all the baby gays out there need you to man up and be our Jackie Robinson.Jenn is a Division I college athlete turned ESPN broadcaster.She has been on the sidelines of many huge college football games.

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