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The sculptures were designed by French sculptor Jules-Felix Coutan and carved by the John Donnelly Company.

At its unveiling in 1914, the 48-foot-high (15 m) trio was considered the largest sculptural group in the world.

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The exact location of M42 is a closely guarded secret and does not appear on maps, though it has been shown on the History Channel program Cities of the Underworld and a National Geographic special.Outside the station, the 13-foot (4.0 m) clock in front of the Grand Central façade facing 42nd Street contains the world's largest example of Tiffany glass.It is surrounded by the Glory of Commerce sculptural group, which includes representations of Minerva, Hercules, and Mercury.Glory of Commerce, a sculptural group by Jules-Félix Coutan featuring Hercules, Minerva and Mercury, sits atop the terminal.In the middle of the grouping is the 13-foot (4.0 m) clock, the world's largest example of Tiffany glass.

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