Two doves dating

This is an overt rebus and I am today inviting YOU to solve it. On the other hand, the covert rebus is not at all obvious.

Encryption adds the element of secrecy to the word transformations. Decryption strips away the secrecy leaving the linguistic equivalents, which make sense (they MUST make sense! Please dont worry if you do not immediately grasp the significance of the remarkable covert rebus. It took nearly five hundred years to work out that Holbein was risking his life to communicate personal and political history for posterity, for March 1983 (Lady Day), the Right Honourable, the Lord Hailsham of St.

Seen from a special point of view, the single glove held by Elizabeth Dauncey may read The cover-up referred to is the concealed existence of the younger son of Edward IV, Richard, Duke of York, as Dr. His alleged murder by Richard III, described by More thirty years after his disappearance, was a ask the reversed Ss on the chain (of the Duchy of Lancaster) that hangs from Mores neck.

Clement stands, depicted at half his age, in the doorway ; he is dressed in the Italian style, having studied medicine at Siena and probably at Padua.

But first, I want you to see if there is anything strange about the picture itself.

Lord Hailsham chose his words with care and precision worthy of the senior law officer.

He spoke of his admiration of the painting and his belief it was by Holbein.

The other side says it was a false confession extracted under torture. And as the turbulent history receded further back into the past, the likelihood of discovering new evidence of the true fate of the princes became more and more improbable.

But the outcome of this royal tragedy, which saw the birth of the Tudor dynasty in England, the story of its remarkable consequences and the extraordinary way in which those consequences came to be interactive and inextricably intertwined with our story, begins very simply.

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