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I am 56 years old and have been married for 27 years. I’m originally from Rego Park, Queens, NY, but have resided in Brooklyn for 28 years. **Ben Bennett Philadelphia-based percussionist Ben Bennett’s unassuming appearance provides no hints to the astounding, iconoclastic creativity within, fueled by a desire to get the most varied and visceral array of sounds from the simplest of instruments.

**Stacey Allam The fact that I had to search for this photo of just me alone says volumes about me.

**Francine Witte Francine Witte is a poet, flash fiction writer, photographer, blogger, and reviewer. ————————————————- **Poet/Musician Bios **Kathryn Addisman https:// Kathryn Adisman is a Manhattan-born writer/raconteur with a background in poetry, theater, and dance. in playwriting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She has appeared as a featured reader and performer at several venues in the N. tri-state area, including The Po’Jazz Series at the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center, The Cultural Café at the East Orange Public Library, Why Not Jazz Room, Word Sunday Reading Series, Arts Westchester, The Stone, and The Hobart Festival of Women Writers.

Poetry Talk Talk, Katy Lederer and David Larsen reading and in conversation, Pt. She is is co-editor of the Unbearables “Worst Book” and “Sex” anthologies. Antonio has received fellowships in Poetry from The New York Foundation for the Arts, the Hurston/Wright Foundation and The Cave Canem Foundation.

Bennett has quickly built up a reputation in the universe of free improv with his solo performances, collaborations with many notable improvisers.

levy lives: celebrating renegade presses Luna Bisonte Prods (Columbus, Ohio) p.m. Using a wide assortment of drums, cymbals, tubes, pieces of metal and various found objects, Bennett not only strikes them but also uses friction and his own lungs to gently coax or violently wrench unusual and unfamiliar sounds from them.

**Nico Vassilakis Nico Vassilakis wrestles letters to free them of their word scrum.

Francine Witte writes plays, poetry, and flash fiction and reads throughout Manhattan.

’ Moderator and Curator Ron Kolm Panelists **Jill Rapaport Jill Rapaport is the author of Duchamp et Moi and Other Stories, published by Fly by Night Press/A Gathering of the Tribes. His latest collection, Astral Botanica, is published by Fly by Night Press.

————————————————- Panel ‘Poetry in the Age of Trump: Where do we go from here? He has also published several collections of poetry, including Anarcadium Pan (Erie Street Press), Living for the Ecstasy Sect, Confessions of an Aspirin Eater, The Green Man (Apathy).

The name Luna Bisonte Prods came about in 1974 and became the portal through which I continued making small books, chapbooks, cards, labels, and other products.

There were other efforts of that type through the mid-1960’s.

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