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In legal brothels the working women have regular health checks. A protection from STDs is very important to high-quality brothels.Regular street prostitution (Straßenprostitution) in Germany is often very well organized and sometimes controlled by pimps.

This is one of the many Munich´s Redlight districts, but unlike most large cities in Germany, München doesn't really have a single and well known red light area, because there are so many other similar whore houses spread across the city.

The adult venues where you can meet girls and pay for sex vary in quality and price in Germany.

Generally, prices in the southern part of Germany are twice as high as in the rest of Germany.

Often the first area of town to greet visitors when they arrive in Munich are the streets around the main railway station (the Hauptbahnhof).

At first glance it may appear that this is the red light area.

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