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They become noticeable when Ruffalo puffs out his chest in anger.He'll also turn large and green, but hey, some people are into the whole Hulk-sexual thing. Not only can this rug save you from hypothermia, it also has a wicked sense of humor. Why it matters: Magnum's fur and pornstache were the most underrated on-screen duo of the '80s. An obsessive follower of a band, for example, may be called a hardcore fan. A fast 'techno'/'rave' hybrid music, usually not having the subtleties of 'house' music. A variety of 'punk' rock, characterized by its extremes. Something that is of an extreme, committed nature, such as any of the above descriptions for the noun. No other chest bears as much emotional utility as this one does. Solving beach-front crime with a rug for a chest provides both protection from the sun and is aesthetically necessary when making important phone calls in the sand.Why it matters: Way before Daniel Craig's bare-chested Bond was a thing, fur ruled the silver screen. An adolescent, violent prank that involves smacking a person in the face, usually strangers, and filming the victems shocked reaction on mobile video phones. E.g."When they discover we've spent the holiday money it's going to be handbags."Noun.

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I'm a curious cat and always on the prowl for new information and fun facts to know and tell. There's nothing common about this rapper's tuft of pectoral greatness.Though there's room for expansion, he's on his way to becoming the world's first surfing bear.Why it matters: This manscaping puts giraffe-shaped bushes to shame. Petting a wolverine's chest is a proven way to reduce stress and increase happiness; that's if you don't get a claw in your back.Like a true art piece, the blending from chest to happy trail is seamless and is bound to give you a hangover any day of the week. Why it matters: With a large amount of fur, Ruffalo's nipples remain a buried secret worth digging for.

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