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Lawyers recruited by the Legal Aid Foundation staffed 21 branch offices that serviced 23 cities and counties around the island.Fifty police subbureaus, one-third of the island's 158 subbureaus, were implementing the program.Role of the Police and Security Apparatus The National Police Administration (NPA) of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has administrative jurisdiction over all police units, although city mayors and county magistrates appoint city and county police commissioners.Mayors and magistrates are responsible for maintaining order and assessing the performance of police commissioners within their jurisdictions.

Authorities permit prisoners and detainees to submit complaints to judicial authorities without censorship, although in practice all correspondence is screened entering and leaving the facilities.James explains the possible ramifications for Australia.Closer to home, he discusses the upcoming gay pride parade in Perth.As of December there were 57,088 adults (52,367 men and 4,721 women) and fewer than 1,000 juveniles imprisoned, and prisons operated at 119.6 percent of design capacity.All prisoners and detainees have access to visitors.

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