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The DNS response you see when you ping the Single FQDN does not necessarily match the DNS response used by Internet Explorer and Receiver. However, an advantage of using Net Scaler Gateway ICA Proxy internally is that now all ICA traffic is going through a Net Scaler, which makes it easy to enable App Flow (HDX Insight) reporting to Net Scaler MAS.

If you don’t care about email-based discovery, then the configuration of Single FQDN is fairly simple. A Xen Desktop Site/Farm is a collection of Xen Desktop Controllers that share a single Site SQL Database.

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For Hub Transport, Edge Transport, and Unified Messaging servers there are no special steps required other than to manage your upgrades in a way that aligns with whatever high availability you have in place or those server roles.When the user clicks the icon, Store Front then needs to select a site/farm.Note: if you have existing subscriptions/favorites, then enabling icon aggregation will cause the existing subscriptions to be ignored.DNS caching interferes with Single FQDN – Note: if you have laptops that move from internal to external and back again, then DNS caching will interfere with Single FQDN.The DNS response for Single FQDN needs to change whenever the device moves from internal to external and back again.

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