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The starlet - who has 910k Instagram followers - said she felt worried about 'obsession [with] perfection' and felt able to relate with the desire to delete all of her accounts.She told the BBC: 'I do worry about obsession and about perfection and about always presenting your life in a certain way, which is very untrue to how you go about your day.'We go through all sorts of different emotions and Instagram makes it look like everything's perfect, and that's rubbish.'Lily reflected on her own activity on social networks in light of Daisy Ridley's decision to delete her accounts, and has confessed to experiencing a 'constant inner battle' about the issue.In July, she proudly announced that she had been living cleanly for six months and said it was out of choice, starting out as a month-long detox but becoming more permanent.The songstress told People: 'My decision to become sober wasn’t out of a need necessarily, it was more just that I did 'sober January' and I just decided to keep going.Alternatively recreate the look for less with one of the options form our roundup below.Earlier in the week, the actress has admitted that she can be a 'hypocrite' when it comes to social media, because it forces you to 'present your life' in an unrealistic way.

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The 28-year-old starlet's bright crimson locks were on full display as she swooped in and out of stores during her shopping adventure.

Staying somewhat demure, Rumer flashed glimpses of a black bralette worn underneath the light-weight top.

Rumer also shared an image of her new hairdo on her Instagram account later this afternoon.

After captioning the image with lyrics from Rolling Stones song Poision Ivy, she wrote 'thank you for my witchy hair I am obsessed.'She recently spoke out about her choice to go sober, insisting it's not because she has a substance abuse issue.

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