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[Quick Start] [Developer's Guide] In addition to classification, MALLET includes tools for sequence tagging for applications such as named-entity extraction from text.

Algorithms include Hidden Markov Models, Maximum Entropy Markov Models, and Conditional Random Fields.

The Administrator may not deny a petition solely on the basis of inadequate resources or time for review.

No air pollutant which is listed under section 7408(a) of this title may be added to the list under this section, except that the prohibition of this sentence shall not apply to any pollutant which independently meets the listing criteria of this paragraph and is a precursor to a pollutant which is listed under section 7408(a) of this title or to any pollutant which is in a class of pollutants listed under such section.No substance, practice, process or activity regulated under subchapter VI of this chapter shall be subject to regulation under this section solely due to its adverse effects on the environment., any person may petition the Administrator to modify the list of hazardous air pollutants under this subsection by adding or deleting a substance or, in case of listed pollutants without CAS numbers (other than coke oven emissions, mineral fibers, or polycyclic organic matter) removing certain unique substances.These methods are implemented in an extensible system for finite state transducers.[Quick Start] [Developer's Guide] Topic models are useful for analyzing large collections of unlabeled text.

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