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You can use the following privacy settings in Google Drive: Go to the Upload files tab in the Detail View of one of your deals.You'll see that, instead of only the 'Upload from your computer' option that you had prior to enabling the Google Drive sync, you now have several options: If you have created or added a file through Google Drive, you can simply click on your file, and you can easily view or edit your file directly from Pipedrive, as well as allow other Pipedrive users to view or edit your file directly from Pipedrive.

That’s as simplistic procedure as they come, and here is how to do it: Another usual workaround that comes into play when the certain app won’t function as intended is related to accumulated data that, occasionally, may cause issues.In other words, Android is the system as any other and there are cases when something suddenly went wrong with the individual app or all-around performance.Especially if you have multiple backup solutions, e.g. So, your last resort is to restore the factory settings.So, make sure to clear data before moving on with other steps.This process won’t delete any of your data, but rather clear the cached documents.

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