Updating plumbing in a home

Leaky taps, unwrapped hot water tanks, relying heavily on extension cords and power strips due to lack of power points … While updating your insulation for energy efficiency why not extend that to updating your plumbing and wiring?

Methven and Robertson have designed tapware with water efficiency in mind.

If you aren’t ready to change your toilet, other cost saving hints include putting a brick or a plastic zip lock bag full of water in your cistern.

This will reduce the amount of water in the cistern, thus reducing the amount per flush.

Most fittings on showers are universal so it’s easy to upgrade your shower to a Satinjet, without the necessity for a rebuild or renovation.Another way to save on water is with a Marley Rain Harvesting Kit.Rain harvesting collects water from the roof, puts it through a filtration system and into a holding tank.It is ultimately an option that can help you on your way to being self-sustainable.Many older homes don’t have adequate wiring to service today’s electrical load.

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