Updating plumbing in a home run your own dating service

Hot water heating has gone solar with systems by Rinnai which can be boosted by either gas or electricity.It is a great way to cut down the largest chunk of your energy bill – hot water heating.Aquatherm’s range of fusiotherm piping systems are made of polypropylene and have excellent heat and sound insulating qualities.The pipes are 100% corrosion resistant, do not leach anything into your water supply and are also recyclable!

However if you find the water is too cold, the timer can be overridden.

The features you will find in most of their products are ceramic discs or ceramic cartridges which eliminate leaky taps by replacing conventional washers.

Methven have temperature adjustable cartridges which are an excellent safety feature that protects your family from scalding.

Another way to save on water is with a Marley Rain Harvesting Kit.

Rain harvesting collects water from the roof, puts it through a filtration system and into a holding tank.

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