Anderson cooper dating andy cohen

And between both of their shows (Cooper on CNN and Cohen on Bravo), AC-squared would rule the entertainment world. As the story goes, the two were set up on a blind date back in the day, but the date never even happened.

While on , Cooper revealed why he and Cohen never worked out.

But both men would prefer no questions about serious news topics. We don't get that many serious inquiries," Cooper says.

They say that audience members have tended to feel the same way."Most people really are there to enjoy themselves.

Cohen admitted that he couldn't help himself when he blurted out "So, your mom's Gloria Vanderbilt!

He asked about my mom within the first 30 seconds of talking to me," Cooper says.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper would be the best Hollywood couple ever. "He broke my cardinal rule: he mentioned my mom within the first four sentences of meeting me." Cooper's mother is, for those unaware, the heiress and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt.

"Andy and I were first set up on a blind date, which never happened because we had a phone call and after two minutes I said, 'I’m not dating this guy,'" Cooper told Cohen and Kelly Ripa, the other guest on the show.

(Cooper's mother is Gloria Vanderbilt.)"I thought he was very charming and nice and I was interested in meeting the Vanderbilt," Cohen says, laughing.

They later met in person and became platonic friends.

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