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These neighbors represent two distinct ethnicity – the Mongols from Tibet and the Aryans from India.

It is natural to think and of course an intelligent guess would be that Nepalese are mostly the hybrids of Mongols and Aryans.

Newars have been living in Kathmandu valley from the prehistoric times.

As per my grandpa, our ancestors were Tibetan merchants mostly dealing with the Royals in and around Kathmandu valley.

But still this raised a major question – did Tibetan cross the great Himalayas to enter Nepal? entitled “”, published in March 2012, finally came up with an answer.

For this, mt DNA was collected from 246 unrelated individuals from Kathmandu and Eastern Terai.

have proposed that the East Eurasian genetic components had been introduced into Nepal from Tibet directly (Gayden et al., 2007; Gayden et al., 2009).

Yes, indeed this is the truth but still the question is who came to Nepal first – the Mongols or the Aryans?

At present, scientific community has widely accepted the recent African origin of modern humans 200,000 years ago better known as “Out of Africa” theory.

Being a student of genetics, this triggered a curiosity within me for years, where did the early ancestors in Nepal came from?

Nepal, geographically, is between Tibet (China) and India.

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