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(Think Kennedy, Cuba, the rise of the wealthy class.) Morgan's Ike is the beleaguered owner of the luminous Miramar Playa Hotel.Part family man, part savvy business man, he tries to manage the two but can't help but get pulled into the undertow of the mob's shady dealings.Born in Seattle, Washington he attended the Ben Franklin Elementary School as a child.He also studied in the Rose Hill Junior High as well as the Lake Washington High School.His career as an actor started with the 1991 film Uncaged and has since appeared in 25 feature films. Edward Marcase in the television series The Burning Zone in 1996-1997.As of 20, Morgan appeared in the television series Supernatural as John Winchester and as Denny Duquette in Grey’s Anatomy and as Judah Botwin.And the white sand beaches and fantastic restaurants. I got into it as soon as I put my skinny little tie on! One of my earliest photos with my dad is of him holding me as a baby on his bike. We think of my character, Ike, as a Dean Martin kind of guy, oozing confidence and charm in public.

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In the late-'80s, he had "dabbled" in graphic art, selling paintings for "50 bucks a pop" to coffeeshops and bars around Seattle.He since appeared in other series like Monk, ER, JAG, The O. I Love You also cast Morgan after which he acted in the movie The Accidental Husband.C., Texas Ranger, Sliders, Angel and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He starred in the 2008 thriller The Resident and the drama Days of Wrath after which he appeared on Watchmen and Taking Woodstock on 2009.It hits a nice stride by the third episode and manages to get under your skin as Ike (and Co.) feel the ripple effects of what it takes to run one the country's newest premier hotels. "I had no plans of doing a show," Morgan admits during our recent interview."I've done tons of guest spots and in parts where the character invariably dies or is dead." (.) "And then it was six years straight going from film to film, so I hadn't thought about doing television nor had I read anything that felt warranted it," he adds. Not many writers can do that." Glazer created by culling from his experiences in Miami Beach -- he was born and raised there and his father, Len Glazer, was an electrical engineer who designed a great deal of the lighting for Miami Beach's hippest '50s hotels: The Fontainebleau, Eden Roc and Deauville.

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