Wordpress blog name not updating

Sometimes the URL or domain for a Word Press site is no longer appropriate. Perhaps everything was setup using a different domain (like localhost) for testing purposes.Maybe, it was installed in a folder and now needs to shine at the root of the site.Quite often we receive support requests for Yoast SEO and its premium add-ons, all asking one “simple” thing: why isn’t Google picking up my page title? It sometimes replaces it with parts of your URL, but it’s also known to add the brand to the end of your title, or just completely rewrite it when it feels like it.People who changed their page title and see that the search results still show their old title are bound to think Google didn’t “get” the new title yet and they might even blame their SEO plugin. If we’ve detected that a particular result has one of the above issues with its title, we may try to generate an improved title from anchors, on-page text, or other sources.Whenever someone sees a result in Google with a date pointing back two years ago, they’ll be less likely to click that result.Seeing as Google uses this CTR for page rankings, it might be a very good idea to change your permalink structure to something more appealing to your visitors!

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I’d love to see something similar for this, but it’s not there yet. Not overly optimized titles targeting a gazillion keywords. Proper, one sentence titles that contain your brand name and your focus keyword. And for your homepage your title should probably start with your brand name, 50% of the emails we get is about homepages where people have ridiculously optimized titles instead of just the name of their company.

Once we know the user’s query, we can often find alternative text from a page that better explains why that result is relevant.

Using this alternative text as a title helps the user, and it also can help your site.

It can be downloaded by FTP (or the Control Panel’s File Manager).

Depending on the tool used, it might be able to be modified directly. This approach isn’t ideal as it makes it so the values found on the General Settings have no meaning.

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