Validating reasoning

In its place is a new paradigm, based upon consent, rather than consensus, as discussed in the White Paper.It is the first complete re-engineering of the blockchain since its inception.Worldfree’s solution is thus similar to physical cash—we can confirm that it has not been used if the owner still has it. This concept is established digitally, and makes all the difference.every member of the network earns transaction processing fees of 0.5% to validate the transactions of others in a random, blind way.Worldfree’s advanced technology makes it possible for all Worldfree Network members to earn income just by being a part of the network.And your money is backed by real assets, unlike other fiat money offered by governments or Bitcoin/Ethereum.

For example, if you are one of the buyers of the first fm500 thousand, then if our ICO sells fm200 million as planned (no guarantees, but that is our first goal), there is a royalty in extra Free Marks as follows: As more people buy Free Marks, you continue to earn 5% royalties.

So why can’t that be replicated in the digital world?

Worldfree’s patent-pending , does exactly that, and in the process produces a many-magnitude increase in processing speed (capable of literally hundreds of millions of transactions per second, with our massively parallel architecture), greater privacy and much less energy requirements for transaction processing.

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