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Music gives me the strength I need to push forward, to achieve my goals, and to believe that I have the power to change the fate of our world. It enables me to express myself through the emotions that I am feeling.

Sometimes in my life, I just feel a rush of emotions sweeping through my mind, and I don’t know how to control them. Through music, I am able to observe the world in a different light, which can be either negative or positive, depending on my mood.

Even when I go to bed, I lie in the darkness, just listening to the sound of the radio or some music channel on television.

Some song lyrics I hear provide me with a tremendous source of inspiration and an incredible sense of hope for the future.

What I’m trying to say is that no matter what, I always find a way to satisfy my craving for music.

I think that everyone in the world has at least one song that describes them perfectly—one song that defines who they are as a human being and as an individual.© Copyright Sociedad Vascongada de Publicaciones, S. Queda prohibida la reproducción, distribución, comunicación pública y utilización, total o parcial, de los contenidos de esta web, en cualquier forma o modalidad, sin previa, expresa y escrita autorización, incluyendo, en particular, su mera reproducción y/o puesta a disposición como resúmenes, reseñas o revistas de prensa con fines comerciales o directa o indirectamente lucrativos, a la que se manifiesta oposición expresa.If the internet is down, I’ll take out my walkman and drop a CD inside it.If my CD is scratched, I’ll turn on the radio until I find the right song I want.

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