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He must have had something to do with Rod Stewart’s album Atlantic Crossing because Rod showed up at a few of our parties.

But that seemed to be about the extent of his work for Atlantic. Ron was hired as a glorified PR man by Edgar Bronfman, CEO of Seagram’s drinks firm.

We’re going back to Los Angeles, which makes me cry. The English newspapers accused the Labour Party of ‘soaking the rich’. ’I knew nothing of my mother’s real troubles and vulnerabilities.

I didn’t know it then, but it was the same withholding she felt from casting directors.

Exorbitant wealth taxes were draining away what money my mother had left. An opportunity was opening up for her second husband, my stepfather Ron Kass in Los Angeles with Atlantic Records. She had succeeded in shielding me from the problems she was facing.

His first job was to talk my mother into marshalling her Hollywood connections for a huge party to celebrate Edgar Jnr’s 21st birthday.

Among the guests were Rod and Alana Stewart, Angie Dickinson and Tony Franciosa (actor and one-time husband of Shelley Winters).

She was like a character in one of her sister Jackie’s novels: a gutsy survivor looking for the big break in all the wrong places. experience.’ Joan was about to do something unthinkable: go down to the unemployment office.

Every morning she called her agent and asked: ‘Anything, Tom? On the way there, she considered an extreme solution to her financial problem: settle for a smaller house, put the kids in state school, let the nanny and the maid go. There was no point in living if she couldn’t live large. How much longer would it be before she became one of them, rattling a tin cup on the corner of Sunset and Vine?

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