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All new feathers coming through are abnormal and often break easily resulting in haemorrhage.It was no longer in the birds best interests to keep him alive in the faint hope he may recover.” A necropsy has been performed and extensive testing will be undertaken to learn more about beak and feather and its associated pathology.A couple of different eagles have been observed on the river roost and in the forest area.One is a younger bird and the other a little older.We shall be watching with great interest to see if another eagle appears.We ask that everyone reports any other eagles seen in the area or nearby. His condition worsened and euthanasia was deemed necessary.Both have started to bring in a stick or two, and they are beginning to build up the edge of the nest bowl again. Hopefully nest renovation will continue and this female will bond will our resident male.As we were hoping, other Sea-Eagles have passed by.

The ribbon dragon is similar to the Rainbow Serpent depicted in ancient Aboriginal drawings that date back to 6,000 years ago.

Less than two weeks to go to expected hatch date(s). At night, the female gets up for a stretch and to turn the eggs every 40-60 minutes.

The male has been roosting close by; ether behind the nest, above the nest or on a nearby tree. The ensuing "midnight duets" can probably be heard for miles around! The male brought a very large fish in during the day. Last evening, in the rain and wind, our new female laid an egg.

Before that date, both had been seen in Burns Bay, along the river and in the nest area, but only the male since.

We feel the female had been showing signs of distress for some time and sadly has now disappeared.

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