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I’m very upset.” On Friday, outside a surf shop around the corner from the house, a man unloading boxes shook his head at news of the ISIS connection. “It’s the world we live in.” The pizza business has continued under new owners.

The current operators bought the shop four years ago, keeping the name unchanged.

J., and a 2010 graduate of Atlantic City High School who left the United States three years ago to emerge as an ISIS commander and propaganda star. In an even more chilling video, American officials told the Atlantic magazine, Hoxha is the black-robed masked man shown beheading a captured Kurdish soldier.

In court papers filed in federal court in Massachusetts last year, prosecutors identified the Albanian American Hoxha as a ISIS leader and, in a rare move, officially identified him as the figure in an ISIS video accusing the U. He is in a tiny cohort — among a few dozen Americans known to have left the country to join Islamic terrorists.

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May they fail and lose.” The video features Zulfi Hoxha, now 26, the son of pizza shop owners in Margate, N.

A handwritten note, slightly misspelled, was taped to the door. A woman at the home hung up the phone when a reporter called on Friday.

On Wednesday, a woman identified by NBC10 as Hoxha’s mother told the station: “No good.

He last left a digital track on the site in January 2015, not long before he flew to Turkey on his way into the Mideast.

He played Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, in which gamers pose as an NSA agent hunting terrorists. Wright, 28, was sentenced to serve 28 years in prison last month for plotting to kill Americans, including police and Geller, on behalf of the Islamic State.

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