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Bitrix24 is free social network software you've been looking for.Built specially for enterprise social networking, it comes with over 30 business friendly tools, such as file sharing, document management, work chat, employee directory and video conferencing.Create networks based on profile commonality, email message templates, two-way and one-way follower scenarios, invitation options and more. Stream community member posts mixed with your notifications, member comments, shares and likes of all types.Enable members to attach links, photos, music and videos.Timestamp, filter, share and customize feed content as desired. Monetize your site through subscription and membership billing plans, offering paid-only access for certain levels or sections of the community.

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Then there is the choice of plugins and developers out there which allows you to craft a thought through environment which doesn't have to stand still. ""Rebuilding the Ex Creators Community on Social Engine PHP is undoubtedly the best decision I've made for the network.

Leverage public and private sections, SEO-friendly URLs, file and media management, multi-language support and more. Enable private messaging between members, including thread-like discussions and message history with links and attachments.

Do mass-messaging or limit messages to targeted recipients with community notifications and via email. Site-wide analytics provide growth statistics and data on page visits, user logins, IP address / hostname referral traffic and server resources monitoring.

Social Engine PHP gives you a simple yet powerful unbranded network that you can customize in any way.

You’ll have the freedom to maintain full control over all aspects of your site and content.

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