Longines dating

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Anyway, it’s very useful as a collector to know how to date a watch. Sometimes they’re official resources, sometimes they are compiled by brand aficionados.

Bulova used a letter to mark the decade, a number from 0 to 9 to mark the year in the decade.

Rolex sometimes has put the quarter or the month in Roman numerals, and the year in Arabic numerals on the case back.

Each assay office had its particular style of the “date letters”.

However, the serial number charts are only available for a handful of manufacturers.

Albert Einstein, whose discoveries revolutionised our perception of time, frequently wore this sober, elegant timepiece. It has thus become the brand’s product that has fetched the highest price ever at auction.

It was sold for far more than a magnificent pocket-watch that was bought at auction in 2005 for the Longines Museum for the sum of Longines would like to congratulate the new owner of the Albert Einstein watch.

Take a screwdriver and carefully place it in the crevice around the edge of the watch back.

If you can fit roughly 2 mm of the tip in the casing, then the screwdriver fits.

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