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She founded the abbey of la Trinit at Caen, as confirmed by an undated manuscript which records the death "pridie nonas julias" of "abbatissam Mathildem" in the 54th year in which she held the position and names "Mathildem Anglorum reginam, nostri cnobii fondatricem, Adilidem, Mathildem, Constantiam, filias eius" heading the list of the names of nuns at the abbey.Her husband appointed Mathilde as his regent in Normandy when he left to invade England, and again after he returned to England after visiting Normandy in 1067: Orderic Vitalis records that, when King William returned to England, , he appointed Mathildi conjugi su filioque suo Rodberto adolescenti to govern Normandy (principatum Neustri), adding that the king took with him Rogerium de Monte-Gomerici whom he had appointed as tutorem Normanni..sua conjuge when he had left for England for the first time.Orderic Vitalis records, that after the death of his father, Rodbertus...filius eius succeeded as Normannorum dux et Cennomannorum princeps but that he was torpori et ignavi subjectus and never governed as he should.He joined the contingent of Robert II Count of Flanders on the First Crusade in Sep 1096, together with Etienne Comte de Blois, after pledging the duchy of Normandy to his brother King William for 10,000 marks of silver in order to fund the expedition, declaring himself duke of Normandy .After some delay due to unfavourable weather conditions, the army set sail for England from Saint-Valry-sur-Somme , marched north to Canterbury, then west to Winchester where he captured the royal treasury.He proceeded to London where he was crowned as WILLIAM I "the Conqueror" King of England at Westminster Abbey, possibly by Ealdred Archbishop of York who may have officiated because of doubts concerning the validity of the appointment of Stigand as Archbishop of Canterbury.After all efforts, they made a serious decision which led them to the point of destiny. Olga and Bruno took a risk, they did their best to meet each other and gave a try. Now they are engaged and we are looking forward for wedding photos!

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If you would like to start meeting people in your area (on your mobile phone or online), sign up today!In [1064/65], Duke Guillaume interceded with Guy de Ponthieu Comte d'Abbeville to secure the release of Harold, son of Godwin, from captivity in Normandy, in return for Harold's acknowledgement of Guillaume as successor to the English crown (according to the portrayal of the event in the Bayeux tapestry).Harold's visit to Normandy, and swearing allegiance to Duke William, is recorded by William of Jumiges. G4i BP We are happy to share our great news with you!Recently we have received a happy story about Beautiful lady Olga and handsome gentleman Bruno.

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