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Underneath the chilly exterior she harbors an uncontrollable desire to submit to a worthy man.If you are that man, she’ll transform from bitchy ice queen to sultry seductress in a flash.Their apple faces and chiclet teeth make my loins sing.The toughest part of gaming them occurs right at the beginning, getting progressively easier once the front line defenses are breached.Like most measurement tools of the quality of a man’s game, the flag metric doesn’t account for a girl’s hotornotness, but it is still superior to the notch count because foreign girls do have subtle differences in their outlook on life, their behavior during courtship, and their opinions of men that will test the flexibility and resourcefulness of a guy’s game.The sum total of a foreign woman is more than her ethnic cuisine.Sex with them will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced with an American woman.

I assume it counts for some fraction of my interactions with them, but since most of the foreigners I met were in the US at the time and surrounded by “exotic” American men I don’t think that advantage played much role.Feel free to extend these gross generalizations to the entire ethnic group.Russian – I have a thing for Russian chicks and Eastern European chicks in general.Don’t be surprised if she sweetly asks you if you’d like to do her in the ass the first time you make love with her. Caveats: Get to them before they hit 30; after 30 it’s instant babushka. Don’t ever show weakness or let her know she’s won you over.An old Russian proverb says: This is doubly true for Russian women.

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    It is: An app that admits ambitious, successful users only after an extensive screening period. Who you actually find: An Ivy League banker who uses the word "handouts" unironically.

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    The transsexual body articulates the complexities of gender that are overlooked by non-transsexuals. What gets reflected is everybody, and the reflection calls every other identity into question.

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