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The tests Mark proposes would enable confirmation of the increase of carbon-14 the closer one gets to the image of the body and that this would add greater weight to the supposition that the body wrapped in the shroud was that of Jesus Christ.

The molecular tests would be nondestructive, and the atomic testing, while destructive, would require only an extremely small part of the Shroud; and Mark doesn’t propose that atomic testing be done until molecular tests have been done repetitively to ensure consistency.

Schließlich lassen sich Nachrichten so auch, zumindest in Teilstücken, im Sperrbildschirm von Fremden und anderen neugierigen Personen mitlesen.

Über den beliebten Chat-Messenger Whats App werden täglich Millionen von Nachrichten transportiert.

Einige sind dabei so relevant wie das Umkippen eines Sackes Reis in China, andere wiederum so sensibel und privat, dass auch die NSA Interesse am mitlesen hätte.

Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.

Albany Care is a treatment facility that takes care of people with mental illness.

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