Blizzard launcher updating tools

For those interested in more detail, using these features requires your web browser to communicate with the Blizzard desktop app.

Previously, the desktop app used a certificate signed by a public Certificate Authority, meaning that no modifications to your system certificates were necessary; however, this technique is incompatible with Certificate Authority policies and we can no longer use it.

Some of the problem may have been incompatibility with older OSes.

This is not the only Window-only app hosted, since Overwatch does not have a Mac version.

While some browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are equipped to handle browser-to-app communication techniques, the changes were necessary for other browsers.

For the time being, the desktop app generates a self-signed certificate that’s unique to your machine and configures your system to trust it.

Patch 1.5 of the desktop app supposedly added streaming capability via Facebook, but only in Windows OS.

The EULA (End-User License Agreement) was updated around August 1, 2013 to go with this new app.

I was able to log in ONCE, but ever since then, I'm stuck on the "updating tools".Hey guys , I installed Open beta Diablo 3 today and when i launch it it says initializing in start and then after sometime pops a message " An unexpected Error occurred while updating required files . so i tried closeing the launcher and opening in it again, now it just says : Updating blizzard launcher (0%) Anyone else have this problem?or any idea how to fix it (i belive this patch have the patch number 17) Try with peer to peer disabled.Unlike the game clients, patch notes are not regularly given out.So far patch notes have only been posted for v1.0.9.

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