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Since the ABC medical drama split the premiere by character, so will we! Violet and Pete (Amy Brenneman and Tim Daly): Pete died!

Find out what happened to Addison & Co, including who she chose, what happened to Pete and the big twist involving Charlotte. While Violet worried that Pete had jumped bail, in fact he died of a heart attack while on a run.

The medical stories are really nothing new, so it’s the characters that bring us in each week.

And I like hanging with Pete and Addison a lot more when their flirting with each other, not others.

We'll see Violet lean on Cooper through this grieving process.Amelia and Sheldon (Caterina Scorsone and Brian Benben): She's all happy and sober and he's dating his ex!"She's had a year of sobriety and having a lot of self-reflection," Scorsone says."He's around for her a lot, especially in the first couple of episodes you see the intensity of that relationship, the intensity of her need with Lucas and her existential worry about what's going to happen, if something happens to her or Lucas, she's obviously rocked," Adelstein says.While everyone's trying to fix Violet, Charlotte will be there in a different way, considering she feels some guilt for having put Pete in this position. "There is an element of this that inherently feels like it's somehow her fault. He was her knight in shining armor when she was raped." Look for some particularly sweet moments when Violet gives some of Pete's mementos to the group.

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