Verifying and validating the solutions

In this instance, statements of customer needs are written on cards or post-its.

The cards or post-its are logically organized by the group and the group develops headings under which to cluster these needs.

It subdivides the total variation of a data set into meaningful component parts associated with specific sources of variation in order to test a hypothesis on the parameters of a model or to estimate variance components.

verifying and validating the solutions-86verifying and validating the solutions-88

The technologies involved have previously been associated with rapid prototyping, but when these technologies are able to directly produce parts for products, additive manufacturing is a better description.A discipline that focuses on the management of activities as a route to improving the value received by the customer and the profit received by providing this value.This discipline includes cost driver analysis, activity analysis, and performance measurement.The cards or post-its are moved to the appropriate group headings.Application Interpreted Model (STEP) – The model that describes the interpretation of the STEP integrated resources constructs that provide functional equivalence to the AP’s information requirements as specified in the application reference model.

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