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It is fun, functional and a perfect desktop toy for the guitar player.

This year, the NAMM Opening Night Party will feature The American Eagle Awards honoring music legends Patti Smith, Crystal Gayle and Harry Shearer.

Inventory, marketing and collections are provided with no startup cost. For more information, please contact the NAMM membership department at [email protected]

Fret-n-Rest is a brand new product for the guitar player’s desktop.

Please note that you must have a NAMM badge in order to attend this event.It is a foam wrist rest (for typing) that is shaped to the exact dimensions of a guitar neck.The underside has a fully simulated fretboard and strings that allow the user to silently practice guitar at the office.This 90-minute course is an introductory course for users who are new to networking.This session provides a foundation in audio and networking concepts, and covers assembling and operating a small, standalone Dante audio system.

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