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A year earlier, WPMT had added programming from The WB, half-owned by Tribune, in off-hours.However, cable customers could watch the full WB schedule on WPHL-TV in Philadelphia.Until then, the only over-the-air source of non-network programming in South Central Pennsylvania was WGCB-TV (channel 49) in Red Lion, a religious station that had been on the air since 1979.WPMT was a typical UHF independent with a schedule heavy on cartoons, sitcoms, movies, dramas, sports and westerns.

WHP ran CBS shows that WSBA and WLYH preempted, while the latter two stations ran programming that WHP preempted, allowing most of the market to view the entire CBS schedule.

WPMT discontinued regular programming on its analog signal, over UHF channel 43, on June 12, 2009, as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television.

using PSIP to display WPMT's virtual channel as 43 on digital television receivers.

The three stations provided a strong combined signal with about 55% overlap.

Initially, WHP-TV, WLYH and WSBA aired the same programming despite separate ownership.

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